Connecting you to local certified
therapists of Urut Melayu. Starting at RM80.


Available Services

Wellness Massage
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Chronic pain
Recovery Massage
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Post Natal Care
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Manhood Massage
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Stroke Massage
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Id card
Corporate Massage
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Pregnancy with hearts
Fertility Massage
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Beauty Massage
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How it works

How you, as a client may enjoy our services.

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Search services in TERAPI, by location
2. Book service
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3. Pay
Make payment and set appointment
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4. Enjoy
Enjoy therapy session and be happy

Why terapi?

Of course there are plenty, but here are 4 main reasons why you should use TERAPI

Certified Therapist
All the therapists listed are certified therapist. They know the rules and they know their stuff
Flexible bt
Flexible Appointment
Deal with the therapist, pick your preferred date & time for your appointment
Insurance coverable
Soon, you may use Terapi's receipt to claim insurance for the services you've book here
Transparent service
Service price listed are all set by the therapist themselves. No additional fees

Seseorang yang bukan seorang pengamal berdaftar tidak boleh, secara langsung atau tidak langsung, mengamalkan perkhidmatan Perubatan Tradisional & Komplementari. Denda tidak lebih RM30,000 atau penjara tidak lebih 2 tahun atau kedua-duanya sekali.

- Akta Perubatan Tradisional & Komplementari 2016 -

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TERAPI as an eRezeki partner

"We are introducing eRezeki as a measure to raise the average income and share of total income of the bottom 40% household income group (below RM4,000 monthly), referred to as the B40s. eRezeki is our initial approach in fostering community and social-based enterprises and building capacity for the B40 community to participate in productive and innovative Economic activities such as this."

- Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak -

17th June 2015
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Corp massage

TERAPI corporate massage program

Looking for a way to reward your staff?
Consider our corporate massage service.

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