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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is TERAPI?

    TERAPI is the online destination for medical therapy practitioners and clients. Professionals can showcase their work, connect with new and existing clients, and build their business. Clients can discover new services and providers, book appointments online, and get healthy.

  • 2. How does my deal expiration date work?

    Each TERAPI e-booking has an expiry date listed in it. The deal will expire within Thirty (30) days from purchasing date, so be sure to read all of the information in booking page before purchasing. Once your e-booking voucher expires, the booking is not valid anymore and you need to purchase another e-booking offered by therapists.

  • 3. CAN I USE CASH?

    All TERAPI payments are made by online banking or credit card - you never need to have cash on hand. We do not accept cash or check payments. Payments are seamless and secure through the TERAPI website using a stable and protected BILLPLZ Payment Gateway.

  • 4. Can I use my health insurance to pay for my TERAPI booking?

    We are practicing a reimbursement method where you need to buy the e-booking first and claim it later. In some cases, an insurer will only pay for your reimbursement claim if you get the refer letter from doctor. In this case, please save the receipt from TERAPI, which will include the details of therapist you chose.

  • 5. What do I do if I cannot contact the therapist or didn't receive any contact from therapist after purchase the e-booking?

    We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble getting in touch with a merchant. Luckily, you can request a refund for your TERAPI e-booking purchase. We will give you a refund only if you’re within the eligible refund period, if any, identified on your voucher. You can refund your voucher via the "My Bookings" page on your account. Or else, please let us know by calling us at 013-277 9551. We're happy to help.

  • 6. What happens if the merchant goes out of business?

    TERAPI will always honor your request for a refund of any unredeemed e-booking if the therapist/therapy centre goes out of business during validation period of e-booking. You can find the deal expiry date identified on your e-booking and in your “My Bookings” page on your computer and mobile phone. If you're within the refund eligibility period, you can refund the paid value (the amount of money you spend on a deal) of your deal without calling a TERAPI representative. To request a refund, click the “Ask for a Refund” button next to your voucher. Your purchase will be refunded within five (5) business days along with a confirmation email. If you don't see the "Ask for a Refund" button, please contact us at 013-277 9551.

  • I am a devious supervillain. What if I book the therapist directly without using TERAPI platform?

    We work hard to build a system that's efficient, transparent, and easy to use. Through TERAPI platform, we help registered therapist get more customers and help them earns more commission than they'd normally get at a traditional therapy centre. Therapists who are registered with TERAPI are contractually agree not the perform disintermediation. So please turn away from the side of evil and don't do it.

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