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How to get listed in Terapi

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What is Terapi

TERAPI is an online directory system for local medical therapy services. We're giving therapists all the online tools they need from scheduling appointments online, until profile showcase as well as a free website to showcase their work. Our nationwide directory features these websites, giving clients a place to search, discover, and book appointments, whether it's a same-day treatment or within 30 days from purchasing e-booking deals.

System Features

Features tailored for local certified medical therapists

Therapist page
Personal Page
Show off your services on social media with your own private link.
Invoices, receipts and payment vouchers are sent automatically via email.
Automated SMS and email reminders so that clients never forget their upcoming appointments.
Online payment
Online Payment
Seamless online payment system via FPX and Credit/Debit Cards.
Online consent form and diagnose report function. Stored in cloud, shareable to next therapist.
Sales report
Sales Report
Earnings can be viewed straight away. Payment vouchers available for download.

How it works

Grow your business with only 4 simple steps.

1. Get booking notification
2. Set appointment
3. Perform treatment
Report n payment
4. Submit Report & Get paid


Let's be transparent. We also believe there is no free lunch.

Every service we provide in Terapi has costs, which includes online banking/ credit card charges, SMS charges, server charges and of course our salary which will keep Terapi running in the long run. We aim to be fair as possible. No additional charges.

For every booking made via Terapi, the earnings are split as below.


Per Booking


Per Booking

Fair enough?

Make money

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to partner with TERAPI?

    There's no upfront and monthly cost associated with running a business with us. You'll earn 80% of the revenue from each e-booking sold. Another 20% is for TERAPI to run and maintain this platform which includes online banking/ credit card charges, SMS charges, server charges and other operating expenses.

  • How does TERAPI help my business?

    When you become TERAPI’s Partner , you'll have your personal page, which can help you to position online. Hence, you can use your page link to promote your services in the social media and start meeting new clients. There are huge number of customers are using online channel now in their daily life.

    You'll have access to your Dashboard Page that which allows you to can set the promotions of your business.

    Other than that, everything you need is automated. From scheduling the appointments until invoicing system as well as the treatment form to write the analysis.

    We'll help customers find your promotions.

    TERAPI personalizes emails based on our online visitors' click and booking history, so we will show your deal to the customers who are interested in your promotion and may be most likely to purchase it.

  • Is there any limit of e-booking that I can sell?

    No. As long as you are capable and certified to do the services, you may put as many e-booking as you want.

  • Can I put the service price higher than what is offer in my therapy centre?

    No. It is strictly not allowable. We are protecting your customer whom also our user from feel deceived when they found out.

  • How long are promotions featured?

    It's up to you! With our management tool, (you have full control of your promotion) or (you are fully in control on your promotions) . Just turn off the promotion whenever you wish.

  • When and how do I get paid?

    Payments will be paid (to you?) via bank transfer to the bank account provided filled by you in your therapist dashboard.

    We will process the payment a day after you submit the treatment/diagnose form. The payment transfer period is according to the table below: (table billplz)

  • Who creates the images and text for my deal page?

    We advise you to follow our guidelines here.

  • When will I start seeing new customers with e-booking?

    As soon as your deal goes live and people start buying, you’ll see new customers.

  • What are the basic eligibility requirements to work with TERAPI?

    We have a few different basic eligibility requirements. All the listed therapists need to:-

    • Here's bullet point number one
    • Have a SSM registered Therapy Centre no matter if it is their own house.
    • Have enough experience to handle treatments on customers.
    • Have at least Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) in any related certification from Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran or medical related certification from Higher Education Institutions (optional).
    • Have a personal Facebook account. It is advantage if you have your own FB page.
    • Registered with practitioners appointed bodies under MOH.
    • NeetFor local deals, the zip code of the business must coordinate with one of our live markets.
    • Able to use online banking.
  • Who do I talk to if I have more questions or need any helps on registering my business?

    If you have any questions about running a promotion, call us at 013-277 9551 or fill out a request form and one of our marketing experts will contact you.

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