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Our Mission

We hope to see changes in the ecosystem of local sports industry that will result in greater appreciation how massage therapy could improve people’s well-being.

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Pre & Post Event Massage

Pre-event massage normally takes about 5-10 minutes, as preparation to participate in sports activities. Professional athletes and sports enthusiasts will spend time to go for pre-event massage. They understand the benefit how pre-event therapy is helpful to ease tension in their muscles (typically post-warm ups) and to a certain extent reduce the risk of injury. 

Post-event massage will be crucial. We often hear about warming down after doing sports activities. However, the professionals will also go for post-event sports massage because it serves as “recovery partner” that helps to address the muscle tense built up which will allow a faster recovery process for the body. It is a good way to relax, ease up your mind and body with a great massage experience while you are fatigue. 


Corporate Sports Event

If you organize sports activities and competitions for your staffs, sports therapy would be a great addition to your sports events. To encourage your staffs to do sports will be good for their health, and complementing the activities with sports massage would show that you really care for their well-being. You want to see them healthy, as well as happy and relieved of stress to carry on with their lives be it inside or outside office.

If you are running a Sports or Wellness Day either for your staffs or customers, let us be part of the event and give them the care they need for their body and mind.

Corporate Sponsorship Program

It’s a norm for corporate organizations to provide sponsorship for sports events. Sponsorship has been claimed to be one of the crucial factors that allow more sports events to flourish.

We propose to change your sponsorship approach. Get our sports therapy to be part of corporate sponsorship programs. This is a different way of boosting the brands of corporate sponsors. If you have a booth, you’d definitely want to attract customers to come to your booth; that’s where we come in. With the traffic that you received, get your marketing team to promote your products and services.

Our aim is simple, we want to join as many sports events as possible. We want to provide more opportunities for our therapists to showcase their sports massage therapy and help them to earn a living. By the way, we welcome any strategic sponsors that are interested to help us in our Massagepreneur Program, our reach out program specifically to assist the therapists to move out from the “B40 income trap.”

Championing B40 Group

We design our services with the aim to assist the B40 group. For all the therapists who work with us, we are helping them in three (3) key areas, which are:

The sports therapists are certified after completing their studies in sports therapy module, which is accredited and recognized. However, they are finding it hard to land a job which fits to their qualification. The supply of jobs for sports therapists are limited. Even at government agencies, the openings are limited and they are hired on contract basis. To highlight the different level of appreciation at the international stage, a number of locally-certified sports therapists have been hired by the sports clubs in other countries. We hope to see more employment opportunities in the domestic market.

At the moment, local sports therapists are not paid well irrespective of their experience and qualification. It is even unfortunate to find most of them would generally fall into the B40 income group, despite being hired by the private sector. To a certain extent, they end up doing lower-paying jobs not fit to their qualification due to the lack of job opportunities. We stepped in to make changes because we believe an initiative is required to bring out better awareness. Ultimately, we want to see these therapists will be paid well, improving their overall standard of living.

Lifestyle in Malaysia has changed. More and more Malaysians are doing sports activities as part of their leisure time, as well as for health reasons. Almost all weekends are filled with sports activities. Following this trend, there has been increasing demand for sports massage. Increasing number of sports participants would find sports therapy prior to joining any sports events. They are willing to spend for this service, knowing how the therapy will help them to cope with intense sports activities from one weekend to another weekend.



If you’re new to our company and want to find out more about our sports massage services, send us your comments below or give us a call.